Inside the lab:

Rebeca Pérez de Diego, PhD

Head Laboratory of Immunogenetics of Human Diseases (LIGHD) of Hospital La Paz Institute for Health Research (IdiPAZ).

2002, Bachelors degree, Chemistry, University of Alcala, Madrid (Spain). Extraordinary Prize for the Chemistry Degree
2005, PhD, University Autonoma de Madrid (UAM), Madrid (Spain). Extraordinary Prize for PhD.

Ana Maria Van Den Rym

Laboratory Technician. Expert in flow cytometry and celular and molecular expreimentacion.


Blanca García Solis

Predoctoral fellow.


Interdepartmental Group of Immunodeficiencies

Group is formed by:

Academic group managed by Maria José Recio Hoyas , professor at Immunology Department (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid, Spain).

Clinical group directed by Silvia Sánchez Ramon, MD, Phd at Clinical Immunology Department (Hospital Clínico San Carlos, Madrid, Spain).

Research group: our laboratory (LIGHD) at IdiPAZ Institute for Health Research (Madrid, Spain), which head of the lab is Rebeca Pérez de Diego, PhD.

The group comprises three main approaches necessary for a success biomedical research: PIDs Patients with unknown genetic defect are attended by Clinical group in charge of the diagnosis, treatment, following up of the patients and they supply samples to research group to work. Research group study and characterize new etiologies improving the knowledge of human immunology and provides clinical group the genetic diagnosis to improve treatments. Academic group which also collaborate in research, spread the knowledge in academic world and provide an opportunity to recruit new young scientist to PID field.